Yay! Shelf Stable beverages


Yay! shelf-stable beverages tastes as great as refrigerated, with better economics. Reduce spoilage and resulting inventory outages, minimize food safety risk and free up valuable storage by moving to shelf-stable beverages. Just store on a shelf, chill before serving and refrigerate after opening. Recyclable packaging, RBST-Free, Grade A UHT and Kosher-certified.

 Go Yay! for good. Order now thru DOT Foods.

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Buy Yay! beverages, and do good.

Our mission is to be an instrument of good for our communities and you. Providing wholesome, nourishing, tasty products for your well-being is a given and giving back a must. A 5% share in Revelry Foods has been gifted to LEAP Therapeutic Wilderness Programs non-profit organization. LEAP, in turn, helps guide our philanthropic efforts.