Yay! Milk tastes the best and works the hardest

Why waste your energy handling constant deliveries, rotating stock, monitoring expiration dates and dealing with spoilage? And why sacrifice refrigerator space to bulky milk jugs? Now you can get your milk with all of the quality, none of the hassle and even better performance.

More efficiencies
mean more profits

The bottom line is that Yay! improves your bottom line - with lower operational costs and greater efficiency. Yay! Milk is available and distributed wholesale, direct (non-DSD) through the distributor programs you're already using. So you can consolidate orders, improve drop sizes and eliminate the hassle of extra deliveries at your door, increasing supply chain efficiencies.

  • Less Bulk:
    Our compact Tetra Pak cartons stack neatly to free up space in the refrigerator, the pantry and even the recycling bin

  • Less Cost:
    Gain all the advantages you deserve for the volume of milk you're purchasing nationwide, including competitive national pricing and rebate programs. Plus, save on energy costs by keeping all or most of your milk on the shelves.

  • Less Spoilage:
    No more endlessly monitoring expiration dates and rotating stock to ensure food safety. Refrigerate just as much as you need. The rest is shelf-stable for up to 10 months.

  • More Flexible:
    Leave it in dry storage until you're ready to chill, cutting energy costs and freeing up refrigerator space.
  • Less Waste:
    Yay! Milk stays fresh up to 10 months before it's opened - and 7 days after. Its longer shelf life and smaller pack sizes mean less spoilage and less food risk. And the 100% recyclable cartons are made from renewable resources.

  • Less Labor:
    No endlessly rotating stock. No managing separate orders and deliveries. And no constantly monitoring expiration dates.

Did you know?

95%+ of milk consumption in France and Spain is UHT shelf-stable.

7 out of 10 Europeans consume shelf-stable milk regularly1

UHT shelf-stable milk as a percentage of total consumption2

1Consumer Behavior: Pearson, Toronto 2005
2Consumer Behavior: Pearson, Toronto 2005

Recycle It!

Tetra Pak is committed to sustainable carton recycling, promoting and encouraging more effective widespread recycling programs in the US. Carton recycling is currently available in 49 states and 82 of the top 100 US markets. Over 12,800 communities have access to carton recycling, with that number growing every year.