good matters.

Our Purpose

The Revelry Group is a social enterprise dedicated to LEAP - a non-profit organization that serves people struggling with extraordinary life circumstances. Founded by the Revelry Group, LEAP is centric to our business purpose and values. Revelry Group team members offer time, talents, and resources to help fulfill our LEAP misson.

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Changing lives through LEAP.

LEAP creates a sense of community for populations that can often feel isolated.

  • Cancer Survivors
  • Returning Veterans
  • Burn Survivors
  • At-Risk and Homeless Youth
  • And More...

People who have experienced similar hardships or trauma embark on programs that help them regain the confidence, connections, and support necessary to reclaim their lives, while within a safe and healing environment.

The challenges faced through our programs are designed to mirror the struggles participants face at home.

LEAP Rafting

By overcoming intimidating obstacles and accepting the support of their community and trained staff, individuals are reminded of their personal strength and that they are not alone in overcoming their challenges.

The impact is transformational. People return from LEAP programs with the courage to create new and fulfilling pathways in their lives, leading towards an invaluable sense of purpose and connection.

LEAP Friends of Children


LEAP Higher Ground


Our Mission

Our mission is to be an agent of positive change and an instrument of good for our customers, communities, team members and families.
Certified B Corporation
Structured for good.

We've worked hard to remodel how business works and as a result have earned the B Corp certification, which signifies that we maintain higher social and enviromental standards than most businesses. We consciously design our products and services to support a better world - because we know that even small changes can have a huge impact. You can learn more about how B Corps like the Revelry Group are changing the world at

Outsides Best Place to Work
Known for good.

We don't just talk good around here. We do it. In fact, all Revelry employees donate 100 hours of community service and receive five (required!) days in the wilderness each year. These are just two of the reasons Outside magazine named us one of the "100 Best Places to Work in 2017."

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Good for the world.

Everything we do at Revelry - including our agency work, our exchanges, and our beverage brands - is driven by our mission.

Yay! Beverages

Good through and through

Revelry's beverage brand, Yay!, features high-quality, wholesome ingredients with innovative processing techniques and aseptic packaging that reimagines what's possible in milk.
Good for people.

Yay! Milk is 100% real, 100% fresh, 100% pure Grade A milk.

  • All natural, rBST - free
  • No preservatives
  • Enhanced with vitamins to meet USDA Daily Recommendations
  • Locally sourced from family - owned farms
  • Certified Kosher
  • No added sugars, stabilizers or flavorings
Good for the World.

To protect the environment, our delicious milk products are carefully designed to:

  • Eliminate waste.
    Our beverages have a much longer shelf life than traditional options - for virtually no expired product.
  • Reduce landfills.
    Our cartons are made from renewable resources and are 100% recyclable. Plus they are less bulky than plastic jugs, to reduce waste than further.
  • Cut emissions.
    Our products don't need to be chilled until they're used, dramatically reducing energy needs and the associated carbon emissions.
  • Save fuel.
    We source, pack, and ship our beverages from a centralized location to maximize shipping efficiency and minimize fuel usage. Plus, we transport two million empty packages to the filling facility in a single truck - vs. plastic bottles, which require hundreds of trucks to do the same.

Join Us!

At Revelry Group, we believe business can be a force for good. This belief shapes everything we do, and you'll feel the difference when you partner with us. If you're ready to grow your business - while also changing the world - connect with us today!